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 Superior Restoration and Revitalization

Headlight Restoration

Package includes:

  • Tape off paint/trim to prevent damage

  • Wet sand to remove cracking/fading (if needed)

  • Compound and polish to bring back clarity

  • Apply sealant to headlights

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Apply ceramic coating to headlights for improved longevity - $50

NOTE: The starting price of this package reflects a typical faded headlight. Prices are subject to change based on condition of headlights. Price increase factors include, but are not limited to, excessive fading, cracking, and damage.

Paint Chip Repair

Paint chip.jpeg

Package includes:

  • Touch up all stone chips in paint work smaller than the size of a penny

  • "Leveling" of touch up area so repair is as close to unnoticeable as possible

NOTE: Price of this service is entirely dependent on the number and severity of paint chips. For a quote, quality and detailed photos must be provided of all desired repair areas, or an in person inspection is required. Typical price range is $100-$500.

Minor Damage Repair


Package includes:

  • Repair minor damaged areas with bodywork and/or respray

  • Two bucket hand wash

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Full exterior detail: S - $100, M - $125, L - $150

NOTE: Price of this service is entirely dependent on the extent  and severity of damage. For a quote, an in person inspection is required.


Fluid Film.webp

NOTE: This treatment is not undercoating. It is a lanolin-based substance that is similar to oil and protects against corrosion. Undercoating can lock in debris and moisture, but Fluid Film penetrates and stops rust on contact, while forming a barrier to keep moisture out.


Unibody Vehicles
(Cars and small SUV's)


Body-on-frame Vehicles
(Trucks and large SUVs)


Packages include:

  • Minor surface prep - light cleaning and scale removal*

  • Treat (Fluid Film) entire underside of the vehicle including:

    • Inside and outside of frame rails and cross members

    • Suspension components

    • Brake lines and fuel lines

    • Belly pans and skidplates

    • Rocker panels and wheel wells

    • Inside of doors, tailgate, fenders, and quarter panels

*If there is excessive dirt/mud/snow, customer will be asked to bring vehicle through a car wash prior to service.
*Excessive scaling and rust can be cleaned up for an additional fee. Otherwise treatment will be applied overtop of scaling.

Restoration Detail

What Is The Best And Easiest Paint To Use On A Car.webp

This package is fully customizable to your preferences, to either work within a budget, or to complete your desired amount of work/services. Services are limited to cosmetic only. No mechanical services will be offered. Options for restoration services include but are not limited to:

  • Replace or repair broken/damaged parts

  • Deep clean interior with seat removal

  • Polish bare metal wheels, trim, or other parts

  • Correct paintwork to remove as many scratches as possible, including door jambs and under hood

  • Repair damaged paintwork through touch up and/or bodywork and respray

  • Entire body respray

NOTE: A detailed in-person inspection is required before quoting any services.

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